In my previous post, I wrote about Adwords and about internet marketing, adsense, ppc and more. Starting out as incapable of well, basically nothing but surfing the web and email correspondence.

Today I’m saying to myself that I am Arisanto, is currently at the phase of testing and experiment frenzy.

Check out several blog that I run for test:  Clearblogs, Blogger, Friendster.

Several weeks ago, this experiment is already running and several blog of mine got Google Page Rank of 3, and several of them PR 2. I’m wondering if in the next Google update my blog will have an increased in Page Rank and Organic Search Engine Ranking.

A little thing about me

Well, my name is Arisanto Gani Pratama.

I’m still single at the time I’m writing this, and now I’m trying to build some sort of “online presence”.

Some profile page(s) that I have on the internet is: Arisanto, arizzt3049, ariskkn. That’s on Yahoo. On other platform,  here is some of them: Aris Squidoo Lensmaster, Aris on Hubpages, Arisanto on GooglePages.

Not very informative huh? Well, for now I just want to write this short note.