Another Page of Mine

Before this, I post about ramblings and a little thing about me which is consist a couple of pages and link I test so I can figure out how this affect the organic ranking in Google and Yahoo.

Now, I also want to add some more pages to the test. Here is some of them. I wrote about Air Bed and Mattresses, and some unfinished note about Pay Per Sale also in Hubpages.

Meanwhile I also put up words about Pan Sets Collection in my newdomain.  This ever project Squidoo held, I considered myself as an early bird, cause I got to reserve some of good subdomains which I will use in the future.

Have you visit my pages?

2 thoughts on “Another Page of Mine

  1. ben rizki says:

    Wos, this blog have same target like your friend. to get more traffic, maximize your rss feed, used tag & ping. I found that search engine much love this. you can learn it in my blog.
    From Amateur Blogger! 😛

  2. arisantoganipratama says:

    Thanks ben, I will learn it from you….I admit that I haven’t used RSS feed at all.

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