Getting excited about Adwords

Even though I already have a Google Adwords account for a while now. I haven’t been using it until recently. This advertising program that operates by Google is capable of bringing such an instant traffic to my websites.

Considering that I just started using this services for about 3 month now, I would say I’m doing pretty well. That would mean that I’m not losing money as many people are afraid when they hear about opening an Adwords account.

At this pace, I’m making 1:1.3 at cost and revenue. Many people are losing money with Adwords is because ( I personally think ) that they didn’t have a good mentor, or a guidance from someone who has been an expert at this. Special thanks goes to my mentor.

Oh, yeah. If you’re starting to dabble on Adwords, I would suggest you to read Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Adwords. It literally has been a must read guide for every PPC marketer.